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With over 3 decades of experience, we have helped our clients all over the world to manage & deliver complex projects for their business.

Work Requests: Simplified

Understand the full extent of all work being carried out within your organisation

Web based work request application based on industry standard best practices
  • Optimise
    resource utilisation
  • Known
  • Organisation
Business Focussed

Work Request System

Work Request Management

  • Web App to enable workforce to request work
  • Simple user interface
  • Puts work in control of Senior Management
  • JIT Resource Focus
  • Best Practice business process design
  • Role based actions
  • Actions based on request status
  • Transparency of request status

Launch Date:Spring 2018
Technologies:Laravel on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack
Who's doing what!

Why do we need this...

Professional studies have shown that anything between 20 – 80% of work being carried out is unknown / unaccounted for!
Typically, this is due to:

  • Inject work:
    • Urgent, unprioritised work
    • 10 minute jobs / favours
    • Ongoing hours / days later

  • Meetings, meetings, meetings...

  • Leads to frustration across all areas / levels
    • Extreme cases lead to dismissals
Unknown / Unaccounted
Achieving The Business Goal

Our Philosophy

Defined Process: Proven best practice process, based upon ITIL / PRINCE2 methodologies.

Clearly Defined Roles: Essential to ensure individuals are aware of their responsibilities, whilst providing a level of autonomy that allows a significant portion of their work to be carried out independently. Without such clarity, team members are likely to waste energy negotiating roles or protecting turf, rather than focusing on the task.

Controlled Scheduling: The cornerstone of a highly effective organised workforce!
Having gained visibility of what works needs carrying out, it is essential that the work is scheduled down to the individual level to understand what can be done when.

Who are Project-Tools?

About Us

Project-Tools are a London, England, based company focused on providing best in class Work Management solutions to organisations across the globe.

Having delivered highly complex techincal solutions for many multinationals and SMEs, an ongoing need to manage incoming work requests within an organisation was identified, from which the WorkRequest methodology was developed. The process has been streamlined over the past 15 years, but essentially remains the same inasmuch as it is based upon industry standard best practices and good old common sense!

The idea for Project-Tools originated whilst working for one of the world's largest and leading financial information organisations, in which an ever increasing number of requests for new work were being received on a daily basis, but were relying on brain power and email to coordinate - the result was a chaotic and unorganised mess that was failing its customers.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, we decided to formalise the incoming requests and developed a straight forward process, that has now evolved into the WorkRequest product we deliver today.

Our goal is to work with Senior Management, so that they can free up their valuable time to focus their time on guiding the strategy & direction of their company, rather than fire-fighting with the day to day minutia that takes up everyone's valuable time.

The whole ethos of WorkRequest is about using the "right tool for the job", which in this case equates to scheduling the right people to perform their duties on the requested work at the right time, at all levels.

We have over 30 years of real world working experience, gained through various levels of hands on delivery and management / Project & Program Management in numerous organisations ranging from Electronics, Defence, Telecommunications, Finance and Cyber Secruity.

We've witnessed 'the good, the bad and the ugly' and thought let's do something about this to ensure only the good truly gets delivered: On Time & On Budget!

We have a passion for this. We want you to succeed and we want to help you do it.